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Window Type:
Glass Type:
Laminated glass thickness = glass + PVB + glass
*Note: For Low-E Dual Pane (DP) windows:
Use “Low-E DP” if window SHGC is above 0.50.
Use “High-Perf Low-E DP” if window SHGC is below 0.50.
For a meter to help in determining “Low-E” vs. “High-Performance Low-E” see Glass-Chek Pro or Glass-Chek Elite.
Peak Outside Temperatures:
Glass Thickness:
Frame conditions:
Glass scratches/chips:
Altitude above sea level:
Pane size:
Only films with GREEN or YELLOW point values may be used on sun-exposed windows under selected conditions.
GREEN point values indicate film is allowed
YELLOW point values indicate caution: maximum allowed points
RED point values indicate excessive points